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Store Spotlight: SAULT New England


Today’s Store Spotlight takes a little jaunt over to  South End in Boston to peek inside SAULT New England! Owner Philip Saul curates a great selection of vintage and classic lifestyle and gifts items that blur the line between want and need (just look at those displays!). We also recently worked with Philip to create an exclusive custom New England Maptote for his shop! Read on to hear more about SAULT and what the South End has to offer:

Q: Who are the owners/operators and when did your store open?
A: I’m the owner, Philip Saul. It still feels odd saying that. The shop opened in the fall of 2011 so its coming up on 3 years.


Q: How would you describe your store aesthetic?
A: The aesthetic for SAULT New England is classic but not stuffy. Its casual and a bit rumpled. We don’t take life so serious, after all its retail. The shop is a good mix of clothing, accessories, personal care and a curated gift assortment. I like to keep the store evolving with new displays, new art, new fixtures. What you see the shop looking like in the summer is not what you will find at holiday.

SAULTNE2-blogQ: What was your inspiration/motivation to open your store?
A: I’m a very visual and creative person: inspiration comes from everywhere. The hardware store, a found piece of furniture, a old book cover, or even a trip somewhere in New England. I guess my motivation is making a the space work and look good. I’m most content when I’m merchandising the product and creating a window or merchandising the floor. Its very satisfying when it all comes together to make a cohesive statement.. Oh and customers buy it!

SaultNE-blogQ: If there is one thing someone “must do” when they visit your area, what would you recommend?
A: Boston is a tourist city for sure! Its filled with so much history and great neighborhoods. Its a walking city so be prepared. My favorite neighborhood to visit is the South End, It’s where SAULT is located and where I live so I’m a bit biased. It has some of the best independent shops in the city and its packed with amazing restaurants.


Q: What blogs/magazines do you follow?
A: I don’t have a ton of time on my hands. I find Instagram to be a great outlet to look for inspiration and I follow blogs like Selectism, Esquire… the usual. When I do have time to page through a magazine its usually Elle Decor, GQ, and Details.

Q: What’s next for you/your store? Any upcoming sales/events?
A: I’m really looking forward to getting our on-line shop up and running. Its been a daunting task but feel its the right direction for us to grow the business and get the SAULT brand accessible everyone who cant make it into the shop. The on-line shop will be a more edited collection of our seasons best products.

*Photos in this post provided by Emil Cohen

Posted on August 27th, 2014 by Maptote

Store Spotlight: Lockwood

lockwood-logo2_blogOur very first Store Spotlight (back in 2011) featured SITE, Mackenzi Farquer’s original shop in Astoria. Now that SITE has moved and grown into Lockwood, we had to get a glimpse inside her wonderful new store! We also recently worked with Mackenzi to create a custom Astoria Maptote sold exclusively at her shop. If you love Astoria, her shop is a must! Lockwood also hosts great events in their indoor workshop space and backyard patio. Read more below:

Q: Who are the owners/operators and when did your store open?
A: Just me- Mackenzi Farquer. I opened September, 2013. This store is an extension of my first shop, SITE, that I had for a little over 6 years. When our lease was up we fell in love with a space just a few blocks closer to the ‘main drag’ here in Astoria and I had to jump at the chance for a fresh start and bigger store. Lockwood is about 4 times the size of SITE!

SofaPillows-blogQ: How would you describe your store aesthetic?
A: Lockwood is a curated lifestyle store. I love black & white, gold accents, worn wood, and classic design. These are the elements I think about when stocking the shop. You can find a little bit of everything here: candles, women’s clothing, greeting cards galore, tabletop, coffee, organic peanut butters, tribal throw rugs, notebooks, and a large kids section. Just to name a few things…

AstoriaMaptote-blogQ: What’s a fun or interesting store fact?
A: Lockwood is an old Astoria street name. The minute I saw the name on a list I knew it was my new store name.

Q: What was your inspiration/motivation to open your store?
A: Astoria is rapidly changing and I knew my old 400 sq. ft. space just couldn’t keep up with neighborhood demand. I spent YEARS thinking about growing, moving, or just generally expanding the business. I was in a local beer & cheese shop one day when the owner told me about a space that had just gone on the market and I was meeting with the broker less than 24 hours later. The rest is Lockwood history.

cheese-beer-blogQ: If there is one thing someone “must do” when they visit your area, what would you recommend?
A: There isn’t just one thing! I also run a popular neighborhood blog, We Heart Astoria, so I’m full of “must dos.” My short list would include brunch at Vesta, grilled cheese at The Queens Kickshaw, Museum of the Moving Image, or an afternoon at Bohemian Beer Garden.

Q: What blogs/magazines do you follow?
A: Style By Emily Henderson, Making It Lovely, I Suwannee, Oh Joy, and about a million others! I avidly read NY Magazine and Domino when it comes out in actual print form. The online version is dead to me.

Q: What’s next for you/your store? Any upcoming sales/events?
A: We’re opening the backyard and hosting The Secret Garden, a pop-up coffee shop! We’ll have plants, classes, treats and so much more. We’re totally beyond excited about it.SecretGardenBackground-blog

Posted on May 30th, 2014 by Maptote

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