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Custom NYU Tote

First RISD, now NYU! Perfect for students exploring a new campus or alumni remembering the good ole days, New York University Maptotes are sold exclusively at the NYU bookstore. To find out more about custom work, check out our custom page or contact custom@maptote.com.

NYU-Denim-Tote-IMG_4405 NYU-Grocery-Tote-IMG_4421

Posted on October 23rd, 2015 by Maptote

Updated Designs

Boston-NewDesign-Themed-BLOGOur new Boston design is available in Grocery, Natural Hobo, and BRAND NEW Denim totes.
Chicago-NewDesign-Themed-BLOGOur new Chicago design is available in GroceryNatural Hobo, Beach, and Black Everyday.


Philadelphia-NewDesign-Themed-BLOGOur new Philadelphia design is available in Grocery, Black Hobo, Black Everyday, and Natural Hobo.


Manhattan-NewDesign-Themed-BLOGOur new Manhattan design is available in Grocery, Metallic Grocery, Black Everyday, Natural Hobo, Black Hobo, Organic, and Denim.

Posted on August 4th, 2015 by Maptote

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