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Thanksgiving DIY

DIY, decorate, and give thanks all at the same time! This Thanksgiving Garland is a great craft to do with family and friends that gives everyone a chance to reflect on the things they’re thankful for. We prepped by cutting the triangles and writing “I’m thankful for…” ahead of time, so each of us could fill in our own answers. When ready to assemble, be sure to take our secret shortcut: use an adhesive dot roller like this to attach the paper to the trim!




Posted on November 19th, 2015 by Maptote

DIY Fall Dreamcatcher


Fall is here and it’s time to start all of those cozy crafts! With a little inspiration from nature, we put together a fall dream catcher perfect for the season.

embroidery hoops of different sizes (2)
hemp (or string)
beads (or charms)
acorns, branches, leaves , etc.



Start by making your yarn moon! Bind the two embroidery hoops together at one spot and as the hoop edges diverged, begin wrapping the yarn between the two in a “figure 8” pattern.

Create your hanging accents! Wrap a stick or branch with hemp at the top and tie off. No fancy knots here – just tie securely and be sure to leave enough tail to tie the piece to the bottom of the dream catcher. Feather tip: After you tie on the hemp, add a bead and if it will fit, push the bead over the top of the feather point.


Here comes the most important part: weaving your dream catcher! Looks complicated but it’s just the same knot made over and over again.

You always want to enter the hoop from back to front and then drop the end of the hemp through the loop you just created. Pull tight and then make your next knot! For the first round, evenly space the knots around the hoop and make sure your last knot is made right next to your first. Once you’ve made the round, begin making the knots on the hemp loops you just created from your last round. Continue until your heart is content! We left space in the middle in case we want to add a charm to hang in the middle of the opening.


Once the base is made, tie on your hanging accents and add some greenery!



Posted on October 2nd, 2015 by Maptote

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