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Store Spotlight – NuBe Green


Domestically sourced, environmentally conscious, creatively curated: NuBe Green is a one-stop-shop for quality gift items that reflect not only a sense of style, but also a sense of responsibility as a consumer. We are delighted to have our products on their shelves and wanted to give you a peek inside their shop in Seattle!

Q: Who are the owners/operators and when did your store open?
A: Ruth True opened NuBe Green in 2009.

NUBE_MAPTOTE007NUBE_MAPTOTE009Q: How would you describe your store aesthetic?
A: We’re focused on creating a space for unique, handcrafted pieces that showcase the artistry and innovation of small-scale producers. Our offering ranges from one-of-a-kind handmade jewelry, to handcrafted bags and accessories (like Maptote’s!), to beautifully designed furniture made from salvaged materials. The one thing all of our products have in common is that they’re made and sourced in the USA.

NUBE_MAPTOTE002Q: What’s a fun or interesting store fact?
A: Our founder, Ruth, has an eye for the eclectic and a penchant for unique vintage items. A year or so ago she realized that many of the items she’d been picking up at antique stores and estate sales would work great for private events, so she opened a spinoff of NuBe Green called NuBe Rentals that offers unique items like dish sets, cutlery, bud vases, and candelabras for rent at special occasions.

NUBE_MAPTOTE004Q: What was your inspiration/motivation to open your store?
A: The values that inspired NuBe’s creation have always been important to Ruth, but it wasn’t until a two-week visit to China, where she saw some of the negative effects of offshore production, that she was moved to open a business that was truly invested in U.S manufacturing and more sustainable living.
Since then, we at NuBe Green have tried to share the stories behind our products in order to inform and inspire people about about the importance of mindful consuming. As Ruth has said, “The most important thing to me is that NuBe sparks conversation–conversation about thoughtful, responsible consumption most of all, but also about challenging the paradigm of globalization by supporting local and domestic producers.”

Q: If there is one thing someone “must do” when they visit your area, what would you recommend?
A: We are located in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood, which is known for its trendy shops and restaurants, its colorful citizens, and its own brand of Pacific Northwest flair. Be sure to stop by Oddfellows Café + Bar for a few local beers, then browse the books at Elliot Bay Bookstore before heading over to Neumos to catch a show.

Q: What blogs/magazines do you follow?
A: At the moment, we are loving the e-newsletters we get from Best Made. Also, Smitten Kitchen inspires a lot of food related daydreams, and we always enjoy reading Seattle Magazine every month.

NUBE_MAPTOTE008Q: What’s next for you/your store? Any upcoming sales/events?
A: We have a few promotions in mind, but generally we try not to bombard people with “Sale, Sale, Sale!” messaging. This year we plan to get even more involved with local events and organizations that align with our core values of local production and mindful consuming.

As we enter our 5th year, we’ll continue to grapple with challenging questions: how do small retailers stay relevant and successful in the age of online giants like Amazon.com? Will brick and mortar stores survive? If not, what impact will that have on our communities? We invite everyone to participate in these important discussions with us.

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