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Our Offices at the Old American Can Factory

As if working at Maptote wasn’t awesome enough, we have the pleasure of working in the Old American Can Factory along with over 200 other people working in a myriad of fields from publishing to making organic cosmetic products, and exhibition design to film production (the list goes on!). The Old American Can Factory was built between 1865 and 1901 – having been given up as a Can Factory the building has become a landmark along the canal in Gowanus Brooklyn as well as studio space for many burgeoning small companies and artists throughout the city.

The building is absolutely stunning and as it consists of 6 different inter-connected buildings (connected via courtyards, covered walkways, mysterious passageways, etc), it offers endless exploring (and endless opportunities to get lost….very lost). The building provides a lot of its original personality from its days as a can factory with its heavy metal doors, vintage letter press, and intricate brick work. The rooftop right outside our office also serves as a venue for various events such as summertime screenings of underground films.

The OA Can Factory really is an amazing place to work, not only because the building is spectacular, but because it is a community of equally (if not more) spectacular people who are brimming with creativity and fresh perspective. If you are ever in the neighborhood be sure to stop by and explore for yourself! 

Posted on June 12th, 2012 by Maptote

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