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Maptote Reads: National Booklover’s Day

Dear Readers,

We’re starting a “Maptote Reads” series!! What better day to start than National Book Lover’s Day? Read about our current favorites below, courtesy of independent bookstores.

Devil in the White City

This thriller by Erik Larson is about the 1893 World’s Fair, as it follows the perspective of real characters accompanied by historical events.


Author Robert Sullivan follows “the city’s most unwanted inhabitants,” uncovering fascinating information about their urban dwellings.

But What if We’re Wrong?

Asking a myriad of questions about time and space, Chuck Klosterman engages with our current world through a critical lens.


Salt examines the rich history of a common household item. Author Mark Kurlansky tells the story of its powerful influence.


We’ve been browsing these bookstores for inspiration: Powell’s in Portland, Book Culture in NYC, Vroman’s in Pasadena, and McNally Jackson in Brooklyn! While shopping these stores you can find Maptotes to fill with your favorite reads.



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