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Maptote on the Martha Stewart Show!

We are so excited that Maptote will be on the Martha Stewart Show today! The episode is all about birthdays – specifically Martha’s.

Martha recently celebrated her 70th birthday (she looks unbelieveable, right?!).  Darcy Miller, editorial director of Martha Stewart Weddings, contacted us a couple months ago about designing a custom Maptote for an intimate birthday party she was throwing for Martha.  We personalized our Manhattan design featuring all of Martha’s favorite spots in Manhattan – from her favorite coffee spot (Via Quadronno) to where she loves getting a facial (Mario Bedesco).  The totes were given out as favors at the party to each guest.

On today’s Martha show, it is all about throwing the ultimate birthday party.  Darcy is on the show recapping highlights from Martha’s b-day dinner party.  We’re so excited that the custom tote we designed for Martha is featured on the show.  Each member of the audience received one of  “Martha’s Manhattan” limited edition totes.  We have a couple extra at Maptote HQ and we will be giving away 1 on our Facebook page.  Just share or comment on our post and you will be entered to win one of Martha Stewart’s birthday totes.

Here are some pictures we took while at the show! Enjoy!

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  1. Natale says:

    Such great “behind the scenes” shots! I always thought the live studio audience was sitting in a more auditorium-like room, but you guys look right at home in those wooden chairs.

  2. Dylan says:

    Tremendous blog, you should uphold the terrific work here!

  3. Jon Recor says:

    Just LOVE the “MARTHA” TOTE!!! Soooo sad that I can’t order one! I just purchased a Martha Stewart home in Orlando Florida and I would love to have one down there to remind me of my time living in Midtown!!!! Great job on the tote!!! Great products!

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