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DIY ✨ Easy Party Favors

Party planning can be exciting and also a bit stressful. Amanda here from Maptote, and I recently came back from celebrating my engagement with my in-laws in Hong Kong. I certainly know what it feels like to brainstorm for fun party favors that are easy on the wallet, durable, and with a side of yum! For my engagement dinner in Hong Kong, I decided to travel from New York with a special and meaningful box of favors. I’m originally from the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. It was a no brainer to include our Puerto Rico Grocery Totes as part of the favors. It was really important for me to celebrate Brooklyn gastronomy while also keeping my fiance’s love for chocolate in mind. We both decided to go for local artisanal dark chocolate bars from Raaka. These favors were a hit! You only need a Maptote, some yarn or ribbon of choice, and possibly like us, a delicious chocolate bar.

See below for step by step images on how to fold and finish off the favors:

Posted on June 22nd, 2023 by Maptote

Ideas for Reusing a Candle Jar🕯️➡️🌱

It all started with our deliciously scented Philadelphia Candle, made from 100% soy wax and with notes of bitter orange, neroli, cedarwood, and tonka bean. After the 40 hour burning time came to an end, as do all good things, the gorgeous candle jar was ready for their next phase in life. We boiled some tap water, filled the jar, waited for the remainder of the wax to float up and harden. Then voila! The jar was ready for a new life filled with fun new adventures.

Philadelphia Candle Jar Bucket List

– Holder of all objects (pencils, hair clips, cotton balls, etcetera)

– Gift wrap (insert gift inside jar, then use a piece of fabric on top, tie a string around the top)

– Tea light holder (great for summer dinner parties)

– Plant propagation vessel (a fun way to water or soil propagate a new baby plant)

Peek below to see how easy it is to repot a small plant into this playfully illustrated jar!

Guide to potting a small plant

Step 1: Find a plant cutting or one that needs repotting

Before the candle jar was ready we started growing this small plant inside the bottom of a plastic bottle. We had run out of jars!

A great tip: Reuse your plastic bottles as well, cutting parts for art projects, or creating decorative mobiles via upcycling techniques. Google is your friend for inspo on that one.

Step 2: Grab potting mix and move over the plant

Add soil to the bottom of the jar. Carefully move the plant from one vessel to the next. Add more soil to top it off. It is vital to water it well afterwards.

*If water propagating a new cutting, fill the jar with water, and then proceed to submerge the cutting. Change the water periodically and watch the roots grow!

Step 3: Continue finding ways to reduce waste and reuse as much as you can!

It shouldn’t stop here! This plant will continue to grow, it will need another pot soon. Go back to it’s bucket list and check off or add the next thing!

Posted on April 12th, 2023 by Maptote

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