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FREE Fall Coloring & Activity Pages

Not a trick, but a TREAT for you! Enjoy new FREE coloring and activity sheets for fall. Download and print our Trick or Treat coloring page to get in the seasonal spirit, and have some fun Counting Candy and going on a Roadtrip Scavenger Hunt. Fun for little kids and big kids alike!

How many candies in this tote? Download the PDF here or print via the image below.

Let’s go leaf peeping! Can you spot the forest animals? Download the PDF here or print via the image below.

It’s spooky season! Download the PDF here or print via the image below.

Make sure to share your creation with us @Maptote. When printing click “Scale to Print.” Please note these are for personal use only. All artwork is property of Maptote.

Posted on September 18th, 2020 by Maptote

DIY Beaded Face Mask Chain

Face Masks are here to stay so, we created a handy mask chain DIY for you to create your very own stylish mask chain. It’s perfect for those times when you need your mask easily accessible. Read on to learn how to make 2020’s hottest new accessory!



You can find these materials at your favorite craft store or online. Or checkout the independent craft stores we linked below, and shop small!


Step 1

Cut beading wire to about 24 inches long. If you are using a badge or necklace clasp first string the crimp bead and then the clasp and feed wire back through crimp bead to create a loop. Press and flatten crimp bead with flat or round nose pliers. If you are using a clip or lanyard clasp that does not need to be attached you can just feed the wire through he crimp bead to make a small loop and we will connect the lanyard clasps at the end. Press and flatten crimp bead with flat nose pliers.

Step 2

Start beading! Plan a pattern with your seed beads or just start stringing at random. You can feed the excess wire from your loop through the first couple of beads to hide it. I like to use a Maptote Small Tray as a beading tray. It makes for an easy clean up and makes these tiny beads easy to grab!


Some examples of beading patterns. Have fun and get creative with colors and patterns!

Step 3

Periodically while beading, check it out for length. I prefer mine on the longer side, but these chains can be any length. Once you have beaded to your desired length, make sure to leave about 1-2 inches of wire to loop the end.

Step 4

Finish by stringing the second crimp bead and last clasp on the wire and loop it to close. Press firmly with pliers to flatten crip bead. You can try feed the excess wire back through the beads to hide it or cut it off!

Step 5

Attach your favorite mask and you are ready to safely adventure out into the world!


Posted on September 4th, 2020 by Maptote

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