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Brooklyn Gift Guide 2018

We’ve curated a uniquely Brooklyn collection of gifts that honors products sold by our friends and local businesses.

Shop our gift guide here:

1 Mast Brothers Almond Butter Chocolate

2 Enamel Pin: The Found – Coney Island 

3 Maptote Brooklyn Adult Tee Navy 

4 Knot & Bow Coral Library Cards

5 We See Stars – Gemstone Pyramid Ring

6 American Heirloom Monogram Herringbone Pattern Cutting Board

7 The Chili Lab Penguin Chili Salt 

8 Local Foods Wheel

9 Exit9 Metal Earth Brooklyn Bridge

Check out our entire collection of Brooklyn products– most of them are made right here in the borough!




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Posted on November 14th, 2018 by Maptote

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