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Maptote Custom Collections

Create a custom collection with us! Work with our designers to personalize your design with icons and places special to your town or business. Customize any of our products to create an exclusive collection. And don’t forget to check out more Maptote blog posts and Pinterest for more inspiration! 

Our classic maps make the best gifts or souvenirs! Work with us start to finish to create a map of your town, city or state, including symbols and landmarks special to your locale. You can even include your logo for an extra personal touch!

Make a bold statement with a font design! With bright text and unique icons, these eye-catching and versatile designs can be applied to many of our products that are sure to stand out in your shop!

Frame the greatest things about your town or business! Highlight standout cuisine, landmarks, or icons in a design that locals and visitors alike are sure to love!

Read more about the custom process here.

Ready to get started? Have something special in mind? Contact us at custom@maptote.com for a quote!

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American Museum of Natural History Collection

Ready for A Night at the Museum? Not without our collection for the American Museum of Natural History! Our recent collaboration with the museum includes totes, bandanas, pouches, and so much more! Featuring the iconic building and classic symbols that can be found exhibited at the museum. It’s a must-have for any avid museum-goer!

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NYU Collection

Our most recent collaboration with NYU included an expansion of products featuring our small tray and wine totes, available in natural and black! With the new semester about to start, make sure you’re ready to rep your school or alma mater with this collection available only at the NYU Bookstore!

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Introducing…NEW CANDLES!

We’re excited for you to light up our latest product – our brand new Candles! With the strike of a match, these 100% soy candles will transport you to your hometown or favorite vacation spot.

Designed, printed and hand-poured in New York, our new candles are available in five locations – Boston, California, New York, Philadelphia, and Portland. With a 40 hour burn time and decorative, reusable glass jar, our candles are bound to make a long lasting and memorable gift or souvenir. Shop all candles now!

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Happy Thanksgiving!

We are thankful for all your support and business this year – we couldn’t have done it without you! Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving, from everyone here at Maptote!

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Los Angeles Gift Guide 2018

Are you searching for a gift inspired by the city of angels?  We’ve hand picked some products to leave you California dreamin’. From coast to coast we have your fav Cali inspired gifts rounded up!


Shop our gift guide here:

1 California Dreamin’ Matchbox

2 Tuesday Bassen Custom Heart Patch

3 Burning Love Spell Kit

4 Surf, Sun, Sand Wood Print

5 Los Angeles Smal Tray

Salts of the Earth Body Scrub

7 Skycandy Skateboard

8 Bengal Woodblock Print

9 Pineapple Cocktail Shaker – Copper


Also check out The Social Type & Urbanic Paper for more L.A. inspired gifts!








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Seattle Gift Guide 2018

Seattle’s beauty doesn’t compare to the awesome brands and gifts inspired by the city! Find something for the outdoorsy or city type with this collection of gifts.

Shop our gift guide here:

1 Portage Bay Goods Emerald City Key Tag

Seattle WA Evergreen State Dad Hat

3 Frankie & Jo’s Moon Goo

4 Maptote Seattle Market Tote

5 Radley Raven Baltic Proper Neckerchief

6 Herbivore Soaking Salts Set

7 I AM LOVED Patch

8 Freeman Seattle World’s Fair Camp Flag

9 Filson Men’s Shirt


Also Check Out Portage Bay Goods and Constellation & Co. for more Seattle inspired gifts!





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San Francisco Gift Guide 2018

Have you left your heart in San Francisco? Spread the love across borders while shopping these local brands.

Shop our gift guide here

1 Benny Gold Rose Polo Hat

2 Solid Perfume – Desert Cedar

3 CA Bear Cork Coasters

4 Hula Hoop Girls – Silk Medium Square Scarf

5 San Francisco: Portrait of a City Notecards

6 Maptote San Francisco Denim Tote

7 Little River Sock Mill Textured Herringbone Crew

8 Flor Clock

9 Bay Area Structures: Aluminum Sutro Tower


Also check out HeartfeltSF for more San Francisco inspired gifts!




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Brooklyn Gift Guide 2018

We’ve curated a uniquely Brooklyn collection of gifts that honors products sold by our friends and local businesses.


Shop our gift guide here:

1 Mast Brothers Almond Butter Chocolate

2 Enamel Pin: The Found – Coney Island 

3 Maptote Brooklyn Adult Tee Navy 

4 Knot & Bow Coral Library Cards

5 We See Stars – Gemstone Pyramid Ring

6 American Heirloom Monogram Herringbone Pattern Cutting Board

7 The Chili Lab Penguin Chili Salt 

8 Local Foods Wheel

9 Exit9 Metal Earth Brooklyn Bridge


Check out our entire collection of Brooklyn products– most of them are made right here in the borough!




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Portland Gift Guide 2018

Got a pal who loves PDX? Send them some Portlandia classics! There’s nothing cozier to celebrate the holidays with than a warm cup of coffee and a winter jacket.

Shop our gift guide here:

1 Stumptown Coffee Chemex (Wood Handle)

2 Hand Carved B&W Vase

3  Six Vial Infused Salt Set – Jacobsen Salt Co. 

4 This Is Portland by Alexander Barrett

5 Pendleton Stocking

Portlandia Crusier – Denim

7 Maptote Portland Hobo Tote

8 Lady Faye X Earrings


Find more of our PDX favorites here.







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