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Custom Option 3: Weddings!

Whether sharing your hometown pride or welcoming guests to a new destination, custom Maptotes make a great wedding favor! We offer a few options for customizing our totes, but below are specific examples for Custom Option 3. With this options, you can create a completely new design of a location of your choice! We work with you to include the boundaries, icons, and specific points of interest that you want. Plus, you can choose the ink color and even the tote style (excluding our Mini Tote).

To inquire about or set up a custom order please email custom@maptote.com

See our other custom options here: Custom Option 1 & Custom Option 2


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Posted on March 20th, 2015 by Maptote

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  1. Ashley O'Connell says:

    Hi. Looking to have 200 made, city of Galveston Texas . Just wondering how much it would cost?

  2. Lizzie says:

    Hi Ashley! Thanks for your interest in Maptote! Please send us an email at info@maptote.com and we’d be happy to email you pricing.

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