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Shark Week Extravaganza!

Here at Maptote we adhere to Tracy Jordan’s sage advice: “Live every week like it’s Shark Week!” Well, Tracy, we’ve been preparing all year and we’re ready! Grab your “swimsuits and your flippy-floppies” (NSFW) ’cause Shark Week is back! The fun starts on July 31st at 9PM EST on the Discovery Channel with Andy Samberg as Chief Shark Officer. Make sure you pay your cable bill on time this month, cause you don’t want to miss the craziest shark week yet! We highly advise against using loan sharks to pay for your cable bill; they’re not the kind of sharks you want to mess with during such important times. If you do find yourself face-to-face with a scary loan shark, perhaps you can strike fear into their stone-cold hearts by wearing this awesome shark fin headband (3) and terrifying shark hoodie (5)! On a lighter note, you can impress your friends by throwing the most jawesome (see what I did there?) party out there. Throw Jaws (1) in the DVD player  – or VHS if you’re cool; feast on some shark-melon (4); throw a little shark-terror in your beverage with these shark themed ice cubes (2); and provide everyone with a shark-ey on a stick (8)! And, of course, you can show your love for sharks wherever you go with your very own Martha’s Vineyard (6) or New Jersey (7) Maptote.

Happy Shark Week everyone, from all of us here at Maptote!

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Maptote for J.Crew

We recently created these custom J.Crew denim wine totes for their TriBeCa store in Manhattan. They can only be purchased at the J.Crew TriBeCa Men’s Store, so be sure to stop by the next time you’re in the area!


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Store Spotlight: Urbanic Paper Boutique (Venice, CA)

Our next Store Spotlight takes us to the sunny West Coast in Venice, CA! Owned by couple Audrey and Joshua Woollen, Urbanic Paper Boutique specializes in all things stationary and then some. If you’re in need of some gorgeous and unique invitations, this is definitely where you need to go. Also, their story is quite possibly the cutest I’ve ever heard…

Q: When did Urbanic open?
A: August 2006.

Q: What’s your store’s aesthetic?
A: Curated, charming and modern with a classic vintage twist.

Q: Any fun or interesting store facts we should know about?
Before we got married we had a long distance letter writing relationship for quite a while. We loved crafting artistic notes to each other and the surprise it brought us to receive them in our mailbox. We’re total believers in fun mail and this was a huge part of the inspiration that led us to open Urbanic. [Read more about their story here]

Q:Tell us about your neighborhood.  Why do you love it?
A: The architecture is amazing, and although it’s by the beach it still has a city vibe. Venice is pretty consolidated and within it is a ridiculously creative and eclectic community. We have the best customers.  They are seriously some of the most interesting people in existence so there are very few dull moments.

Q: When not in your store, where is the next most likely place you’d be?
A: Immersed in some kind of adventure with our 2 little ones.

Q: What’s your favorite restaurant in your hood?
A: Gjelina…without a doubt.

Q: If there is 1 thing someone “must do” when they visit your area, what would you recommend?
We would recommend exploring the Venice canals. Our town is called Venice because it was built on the water canals to resemble Venice, Italy in the early 1900’s. It was a resort town and termed “The Coney Island of the Pacific.” Today the canals are full of beautiful homes and modern garden landscaping. There are little boats everywhere, it is charming and a mini-escape from the city.

Q: What blogs/magazines do you follow?
Lots of blogs, lots of mags, but not a whole lot of time to really delve into all of that honestly. Our radar is always on though, so if we see a good find for the shop we nab it.

Q: Where do you find all of your products?
We search high and low to find the most unique things for our shop, so it’s a combination of many places. A few to name would  be the NY trade shows, Etsy, blog scouring, and seeking out local indie designers.

Q: Whats next for you/your store…. any upcoming sales/events?
A: We love hosting store events. Definitely one of our favorite parts of the job. You can see a few of them here. We recently just finished our summer social and a pinterest event, and will be gearing up to host some exciting workshops this fall.

You can find Urbanic at 1644 Abbott Kinney Blvd or online at their website, blog, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Photos courtesy of  Brandon Kidd, Stephanie Williams, Paul Esposito.

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Maptote is NY Magazine’s Deal of the Week!

Maptote is featured in NY Magazine’s New Design Hunting weekly newsletter.  Here is the deal – get 15% off any Maptote item when you mention ‘Design Hunting’ at Annie’s Blue Ribbon General Store or use the code ‘NYMAG’ on their website.  Annie’s Blue Ribbon General Store is located at 365 State St., nr. Bond St. in Boerum Hill, Brooklyn.

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NY Magazine

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Time Out New York

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Happy Bastille Day!

July 14th is Bastille Day! So celebrate in style with one of our Paris bandanas, Paris totes, or Bordeaux wine totes! In Paris? Be sure to stop by Le Dauphin for some delicious treats! Tell ’em Maptote sent you 😉 For those of us not lucky enough to be in France next week, get your dose of French culture right here in the Big Apple! On Sunday, July 10th, head on down to Smith Street in Brooklyn to the annual celebration. Don your Breton striped shirt, grab a traditional Pastis drink, crank up the Serge Gainsbourg, and sample the French cuisine as you enjoy the festivities. There’s even going to be sand covered streets for the Pétanque competition! Zut alors!

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Denim Brooklyn Maptote spotted at the Brooklyn Flea this past weekend. Thanks, Lizzie!

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Seattle One-Pieces Just Added!

Our most recent addition to our baby one-piece line: Seattle!

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