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Maptote Custom Collections

Create a custom collection with us! Work with our designers to personalize your design with icons and places special to your town or business. Customize any of our products to create an exclusive collection. And don’t forget to check out more Maptote blog posts and Pinterest for more inspiration! 

Our classic maps make the best gifts or souvenirs! Work with us start to finish to create a map of your town, city or state, including symbols and landmarks special to your locale. You can even include your logo for an extra personal touch!

Make a bold statement with a font design! With bright text and unique icons, these eye-catching and versatile designs can be applied to many of our products that are sure to stand out in your shop!

Frame the greatest things about your town or business! Highlight standout cuisine, landmarks, or icons in a design that locals and visitors alike are sure to love!

Read more about the custom process here.

Ready to get started? Have something special in mind? Contact us at custom@maptote.com for a quote!

Posted on February 27th, 2019 by Maptote

Maptote’s Face Mask Tips

Masks are here to stay, so we wanted to share some of our tips and best practices. We launched a line of adult and kids masks and wanted to share what we have found to be most useful when wearing them!

1. Wash the mask when you get them. Not only will this ensure they are completely clean when you first wear them, but the fabric will soften and shrink a little. It makes the fit a bit more comfortable. You’ll find that with each wash the fabric will get softer and softer!  

2. Fit the mask to your face. We’ve never been big believers that one size fits all, so we made sure to choose flexible elastic and make the ear loops longer than most. If the mask feels too baggy, it is really easy to re-knot the elastic for a perfect fit. The sides should gather a bit and not gap.

3. Add a filter. Our masks are double layered with an opening at the top, so you can put a filter inside. The filter will help with the effectiveness of the mask. You can use anything from a paper towel to a coffee filter to a certified mask filter. We’ve been using filters from Filti. Check them out!

4. Be safe. Follow all CDC guidelines, wash your hands often and wash your mask after each use. And don’t forget to smile! Just because we are all covered up doesn’t mean a smile doesn’t go a long way. Be kind everyone!

Please note, our reusable masks are not FDA approved and has not been tested for efficacy. Mask is not intended for medical use.

Posted on July 1st, 2020 by Maptote

CELEBRATE! USA Made Summer Goodies

Summer is in full swing and we’re ready to celebrate with USA made goodies! Since 2006, Maptote is proud to have been designing, sewing and printing products local to us in Brooklyn, NY.

See our full Brooklyn collection or shop by location to find your hometown!

Celebrate safely this summer! The CDC recommends face coverings be worn in public so be sure to cover up. We’ve created a lightweight, double layer mask perfect for the summer heat. Available in fun designs with blue or natural cotton. Shop Masks!

Posted on June 30th, 2020 by Maptote

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